There are two types of registration for use with the MY BOILER CERT App.

Company Registration:

Company Registration is designed for businesses with Gas Safe Registered Operatives.

Operatives are registered by the company through this web site, the operative is then sent an email with the link to download the MY BOILER CERT App. When the Operative registers a project through the App the Benchmark Certificate is produced in the Companies name with the Operatives (Engineers name) on the certificate.

The Company is able to access all its Benchmark Certificates no matter which Operative has submitted the details.

The Benchmark Certificate is emailed to the Customer, Operative and the Company.

Individual Registration:

This is designed for Installers who carry out all their own projects, do not have a Company Registration with Gas Safe and are only working under their own registration with Gas Safe. This registration is carried out through the My Boiler Cert App.

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